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Our RIGs have been created so that we want every customer to know how to dismantle their own, extraordinary design from a basic assembly from a wide range of compatible design accessories. When a customer contacts our salesteam and asks for help with a drawing of his own design of RIG, our design team draws the design according to its specific specifications and sizes in the final 3D visualization.

This process helps customers custom-made and especially safe construction. It is also a proven form of design to maximize its use thanks to the experience of our designers. station can be also drawn with totally bespoke parts. Should you need, for example, longer pull-up bars or taller uprights, or anything else you may have invented, at SHADLE Europe done according to the sketch the unique design of the RIG.

All SHADLE RIGs and steel equipment parts in case of steel breakages and/or welding breakages

All SHADLE RIGs steel parts in case of rust-spots arising from coating and in    case of steel corrosion perforation

All SHADLE RIGs steel parts in case of rust-spots arising from coating. All SHADLE RIGs and other components

SHADLE RIGs parts are made by using stiff steel tubes. The steel used to make the tubes is the S235J steel EN 10219-2 , strongest steel on the market. All square tubes are 6×6 cm. sized and 4.0 mm. thickness (11 gauges), while all the round tubes are 31,8 mm ( 2” ) diameter by 4 mm thickness. All main steel parts are bolted together by using M14 bolts, coupled with M14 self-locking nuts: up to 300 Nm in tightening strength. All self-locking safety pvc end-caps so to avoid any chance of injury. All hardware is zinc plated so to be rust-proof.

The standard color of the whole SHADLE Rigs range is the special Black powder coating proposed according our petition. After several tests on the diverse of the powder and the coating process, we have found the best choice to have special texture on its surface (once dried), so to provide the right grip for the comfortable and firmly Muscle-Ups. All steel parts are max thickness 60 micron coated. Wherever there are bare steel components (such as pins, poles, or junctions), we protect them just by using the industrial galvanizing process called ZINC.