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Superb AirBike engages in the training process unlike other “indoor” bikes also the arms and upper torso, thus allowing to exercise more muscle groups and the training becomes this way much more efficient.

Part of the bicycle is also the monitor with the LCD screen. The monitor includes all the necessary features for all types of users. Everything can be easily and quickly adjusted. You can either simply start with preset training or you can adapt the training completely to your needs. You can choose for example very intense interval training or at a distance training.

No two athletes are equally strong and perfect adjustment of the equipment to maximize the capability and strength of an individual is almost impossible. Training on the Superb Air Bike overcomes this challenge by increasing the resistance automatically with the increase in pace.

This bike provides virtually unlimited training possibilities. During the training you can focus either on your heart rate, or try Tabata – high intensity interval training, where you will sweat a lot and burn this way unwanted fat deposits in your body.


  • 8 training options
  • anatomically adapted seat resistant to sweat
  • low maintenance chain in the rear part of a bicycle
  • belt in front part of the bicycle
  • caster wheels for easy relocation
  • POLAR wireless heart rate monitoring system
  • LCD monitor
  • wind screen on the front wheel
  • bottle holder


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