SBR-4 Black/Red Jump Rope



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Model SBR-4 is characterized by precision CNC machined aluminium handles with a pleasant grip, elegance look and especially amazing spin

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  • Light construction of handles formed by 4 bearing for a smooth spin while maximizing power transfer from handle to cable
  • Built standard with our COMPETITON CABLE (3,5m length), but is also compatible with all colors of TRAINING coated cables!  Fast and highly efficient our coated cable is the most durable option, can handle a variety of jumping surfaces.
  • The surface of handles are chemical anodized(color)
  • Laser cutted Logo
  • Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport
  • spare screws with an HEX key for adjustment
  • 100% manufactured in SLOVAKIA.


FinishedChemical Elox
Length of handle145 mm
Cable lenght3,5 m
Diameter16 mm
Made in SlovakiaYes
Special engravingYes
Weight  product121 g

Engraving rules:

  • Don’t ask swearing or rude words! or we may have to ask you to change it.
  • “clean“ your name/nickname or gym please.



  • The cables may sting when it meets bare skin, so probably best not to jump barefoot
  • after wear of the coat cable it is necessary to replace for a new because safety first!
  • In the case of damage to the PVC protection of the steel cable, it’s a necessary to replace the whole coated
  • Rope store in dry conditions!
  • Don’t use the cable as a weapon!


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